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Chatting in online poker

It is fun to chat while playing online poker, is it not? But chat is not the same depending at what time of the day you are playing. And you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

In the morning hours, you’ll tend to find less chat. People are more business-minded. Not in the sense of being pro poker players, rather as in the sense of being distracted by their day-to-day business. These are the people who are playing at work or instead of going to classes, etc. They may have a lot of other stuff going on, so you might be able to bluff a little more and bet people out of pots. Try it.

In the evening, online poker player is crazy. People don’t want to fold their holdings. You’ll face some serious bad beats and unfair defeats. If you’re easily frustrated or distracted, steer clear of the poker rooms in the evening. Oh yeah – the chat also picks up as someone might just try to use the poker room to pick women up.

Late at night, chat relates more to the game. This seems to be when the true players come out to play. If you want a challenge with players who usually know what they’re doing, this might be your best time of day to play, if you can stay up that late. Of course, if you’re a legend in your own mind, you could get eaten alive by the sharks.

Yes, these are general statements. Every poker room and every table within each poker room has a different feel to it, a different personality if you will. It’s up to you to find the games and places that benefit you the best no matter what time of day you play.

But chat is certainly one tool in your arsenal that you can use to win pots and make better profits playing online poker. Or if you like to socialize, it is fun too to chat on the Web while playing Texas Hold’em.