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The online blackjack craze

If you are reading this blog, you may be seeking information about online gambling, or if you already know about online gambling, you may be looking how to be a better gambler. After all this is the name of this blog, the better gambler.

Of all online gambling games, online blackjack is one of the most popular and interesting.

Blackjack is popular because it is simple to play. After all you just need to see if your cards are close to twenty-one or not, and how it compares to the dealer. It is popular for many other reasons, another one of which is the thrill and the feeling of pride when you took the right decision. It is interesting because it is quite a complex game. There are subtle rules (insurance, doubling down,…) to understand. Statistically blackjack is rather complicated and very few players really understand all the nuances.

There are numerous variations in blackjack and every casino has its own house rules, regarding some of the details of the rules (of course the main rules do not change). This is another angle making blackjack a sophisticated game. So one aspect of strategy is to understand how the small rules affect your expected value as a blackjack player, and then to seek the casinos with the most attractive rules, and finally to apply the optimal play with respect to these rules.

Blackjack is the game with the lowest house edge (it can be only around 0.50% in some places) and this is yet another reason to choose this game as it may not cost you much to play it, and you can even make good money from it if you become a master player.

The recent movie twenty-one contributed to the craze of blackjack and online blackjack, depicting it in a very mysterious way while recounting the adventures of the infamous MIT blackjack card counting team. Yes card counting is a unique feature in blackjack, as what the remaining cards are in the deck in the middle of a game may affect the odds of the hands to come, either in favor of the players or dealer. This information can be used by the savvy players to increase their bets when they have an over average expected value.

If you have not yet tried blackjack, consider downloading an online casino program. You can play with “fun money” first to get familiarized with the game. No need to take risks while learning.