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Maniacs in no limit tournaments

Maniacs in NL Tournaments

His name was George. He was just a kid in his teens, raised by an alcoholic father and got his butt wailed and whipped for the slightest infraction on many occasions.

In his early teens he shot a man for insulting his mother, this was the first of many. When he was 19 years old, it is said he’d killed as many men as his years, he was what today’s shrinks would call a psychopathic serial killer. He was wild, unpredictable and deadly.

A stranger showed up at a NL hold’em tournament. On the very first hand, being on the button, he’d seen UTG raise it up 3x BB with 2 callers before it got to the Kid, who went all in. UTG thought for several seconds, then probably wisely laid down his AQs, next guy folded his pair of 8’s, and the cutoff seat quickly folded his A8o…the Kid raked in a nice little pot with his 67s.

George had a short fuse and a big chip on his shoulder, dangerous traits in the late 1800’s in the Old West. It was almost like he had a death wish, finding out who he was, quickly backed off and gave him plenty of room. Noone wanted to be the 20th notch on his gun.

Several times in the tournament, the Kid looked for good situations to “get it all in”, especially on the button, SB or BB. Once he got called by someone who had QQ and his stack was cut in half, but quickly it’d be replaced and kept growing. Every now and then, the Kid would get AK or AA, and someone would call with his AJ or TT and lose it all to the Kid. Someone even called with a J8s and exited the tournament. Everyone was licking their chops, but gave the Kid wide berth.

Then it happened. A fellow by the name of Johnson, who was the town’s marshal, befriended George. Actually he was no friend, he was just looking to take the kid down and gain a reputation. Beware those who overly pretend to be your friend.

Johnson came in a motel of sorts one day, and blindsided the youngster, pretty much shot him in cold blood. But noone protested. A cagey NL player, we’re all cagey in our own minds, limped in w/AA UTG. Beware of a really good player limping here, one other player limped also, and the Kid once again went all in from the SB. He had A4o UTG went all in also, the other guy folded, and the Kid got blindsided and lost 80% of his chips. A few hands later, he went over the top of a 3x BB raise w/his QJs, and lost to the A2o, probably best not to go all in over a 3x raise with only QJ, maybe go all in if no one else has come in yet, and you’re getting short-stacked, say 6-10 BB’s.

George never even reached the age of 22.

Wild maniacs may build fast stacks, and become big chip leaders early in a tournament, but very seldom go all the way. Be satisfied to grow steadily, and if you do find yourself big chip leader early on, perhaps switch gears and only play top premium hands.