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New online casino players

Before you download or decide to become a real player at a casino or poker room, be aware of the following regarding what to expect, deposits, bonuses and the fine print:

What to Expect at an online casino

Expect to spend about 15 – 30 minutes for going through the sign-up process with a casino and up to a few days to fund from a bank account. Below is a step-by-step description of what to do when opening up a new account at a casino or poker room:

Step 1 – Choose a Casino
All casinos and poker rooms on TheBetterGambler are approved, well established, and trusted organizations with verified legitimate payout procedures. Choose a casino that fits the games you like to play or suits your style of play.

Step 2 – Download the Software
You may be given a couple of options to download the free software from a particular casino. We suggest you create a folder on your computer designated for casino software downloads prior to downloading and then ‘Save’ to that folder when given the option. Not all downloads happen without incident and it may take a couple of tries to do it successfully. After the download, choose Open to go directly or an icon may already appear on your desktop window.

Step 3 – Register (Open) an Account
Regardless if you wish to play for free or real money, you will need to register your personal information with the casino. Do not let this worry you as this is basic information and it is very secure. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email with your login information. Save this information. You are now ready to play in free or real money mode. We suggest playing in free mode to learn the games and the system first. Some do offer No-Deposit bonuses, but you are still required to open an account.

Step 4 – Deposit Money and Collect Your Bonus
This can be one of the more tedious processes for U.S. residents, but do not let it deter you as you just need to be patient and have your information ready. Keep in mind that the bank verification process through an intermediary like Neteller can take up to a week to actually make a deposit in to your casino account…be patient! Most casinos also require you to make an initial deposit to receive bonuses as well. You are not required to accept the bonuses and depending on the games you like to play, you are better off refusing the bonus offers.

Step 5 – Start Slow
Begin by learning the games and playing with smaller amounts or in free (practice) mode to gain your comfort level. Also, make sure that the games you like have the correct (favorable) odds and/or specific rules that you are used to. This can be done in practice mode or in real mode until you are ready to play for higher stakes.

Step 6 – Have Fun
Now that you are real money player and you’ve learned the ropes on how safe and easy it is to play online, enjoy the convenience of playing at home. Try various games, play at different casinos, and test our strategies from the tips we will post on this blog.