How to select a best online slot casino site

Let’s talk today about the most popular variety of online casino games – slot machines. To argue with this fact, one should collect lots of factors but is it possible?

All of you probably, until recently have seen numerous halls of slot machines in any slightest village. Note that it is slots there, not the famous roulette, blackjack or poker, we are talking about.

It is clear that our ordinary life on earth is projected into the virtual space and slot machines in online casinos enjoy much greater popularity than any other form of gambling. There are several reasons to this effect. First, it is the simplicity of the rules. To play free slots online it is not needed to have much skills and knowledge (here, of course, we are referring to both the video slots and for example the video poker games as well) to make the drums spinning.

Second, slot machines can be fast enough to break a big win, sometimes very quickly, literally in one spin. Perhaps, in the opinion of the majority of players of online casino, it is more attractive than playing a poker game. Third, slot machines offer the players a great opportunity at the jackpot feature. And jackpots are tough and progressive, which means at one online casino in particular as well as the casinos that have that particular game in its arsenal.

And fourthly, slots always have a colorful design and graphics, which attracts players, especially the beginners, like the PokerStars TV or any device with nice images.

These are the main factors, which provide a popularity of slot machines in online casinos. And of course, this popularity is fed by the software developers creating new types of slots gaming machines. They differ, as it may seem to an inexperienced player, not just by graphics and themes, but also by various additional features that can greatly increase your chances of winning.

Some examples include different winning combinations, bonus games, free spins, etc. Winning in online slot machines is at a very good level – up to 96% (depending on the particular game). Therefore, if you can, as they say, to control yourself, then you’ll definitely become a lucky winner.

Online casino slot machines

The online slot machines are, without doubt, the top attractions of casinos. The many variations, fun themes, colorful graphics and impressive earnings potential are among the reasons why the players prefer at this point the online slots and other casino games.

Online casinos have a great selection of machines on which to play, 3 reel machine simple for novice player or 5 reel machines with progressive jackpots and bonus games that fascinate the most sophisticated and most experienced players.

The progressive online slot machines accumulate a jackpot every time a play plays, that is why it is called progressive jackpot and some of them can reach several million dollars.

If something about slot machines is not clear to you, feel free to send us an email and we will make our best effort to answer, or for the best question we may even create a post about it. Our tips and advice will help you especially to avoid making the mistakes some players do when hunting for progressive jackpots.

After you are ready to face the best slot machine jackpots, you will put yourself in front of a potentially incredible windfall. Read in this blog our selection of the best online games, the most secure and known for the slot machine.

In terms of tricks for slot machines, let us be brutally honest: all slot machines are not equal and some offer a risk return that is much more generous than others. This does not limit itself only to the price you pay, but it is also the percentage of refunds.

The percentage of reimbursement is the amount of each bet you think you can get by spinning. In other words, a single spin on a machine with 96% refund of the house will absorb an average of 4% of the bet. Some casinos offer machines with the reimbursement rate as high as 99%. The fact is that the players sitting at the machines will win more often.

It is easy to see how this can significantly reduce the house advantage and make your bankroll last longer.

Thank you for reading about slot machines and we will be back for more soon.

Entertainment in the Evening

bingo onlineThe person who has a passion for participating in the legal online gambling should check the bingo sites online. This will be definitely very much interesting and entertaining to them. You have to be 18 years age in order to participate within legal gambling age. 18 years old is appreciated as the legal gambling age in most contries.

For players who are interested in legal online gambling they will be attracted to the bingo sites in the online sphere. The truest matter is that a person can earn as much money in online bingo games that she can earn at the local hall.

In addition for people not too interested in TV programs and who could blame them as these are getting more and more boring they should consider spending some time visiting online bingo websites and playing some bingo games there. It does not provide drinks but other than that entertainment is guaranteed.

Now you may have concerns signing up at one of these online bingo sites and depositing some of your money. And this is a reasonable issue to be worried about. But be sure that signing up at an online bingo site is very easy and simple.

There are some operators of bingo games that let you play free game, without sending any money. But they give real prizes and that is real money. But if you want to take part in the biggest game in the site then you have to follow their instruction and have to make some preliminary deposit. If you do this then you will be sure that you are going to take part in the biggest jackpot. The good news is that most sites are provided bonus in your first deposit. You can also use this bonus money in playing games.

In bingo games we can also play the role of the host. You can act as the host of the other games. In such case the most available games are slots and side. These games also offer some kinds of jackpot. But one problem is you have to spend most of your time here.

American Roulette

What can be more exciting than American Roulette?

You would be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t at very least like the excitement of gambling. It doesn’t seem to matter what walk of life you come from, how much disposable income you have, the obsession and love of gambling spans all ages, generations and socioeconomic boundaries.

Maybe it is the belief that anyone can win money, no matter who you are that entices people. One of the most entertaining among gambling games is poker. Although Poker is highly popular especially in Vegas, it seems to cower in parallel to the excitement offered by roulette. Roulette seems to attract and maintain a level of excitement within the casino that always appears to have people captivated around the table, memorized by the potential of the high jackpots and sheer luck of play.

American roulette seems to attract and keep players enticed like no other game. The American roulette wheel has a 0 and a 00 unlike the European roulette which only has the 0 variation. The European roulette table has numbers that are completely randomly located on the spinning wheel while the American version has numbers oppositely paired. The major excitement to this game is that it can be played by any novice player and the odds of winning for them are the same as any veteran. Every time that the wheel is spun, the luck of winning is completely random. Even if winning is out of the control of the player, there are some tricks to the trade that can help you to maximize winning.

The Audruccy system or the D’alembert system, are two systems that can help you maximize control over the outcome of the game. They are a strategy that takes into account the columns when playing, they can increase your odds.

Online roulette games have brought the thrill and the excitement into the homes of thousands of people wishing to try their luck. The games online give anyone the opportunity to win cash prizes and to enjoy the entertainment and thrill of the game without being beholden to physically frequenting the casino. They are available for play 24/7. Playing roulette from the comfort of your own home gives you the best of both worlds and maybe even a prize or two.

My friend Jerry

I first met Jerry at a poker tournament. He had checked in with a mini-trampoline. For Jerry, exercise means to keep fit. In addition Jerry rides a bike. Jerry likes to think about poker, running over past hands or studying his past opponents.

What is the highlight of Jerry’s seven year poker career? There is no hesitation in his answer at all: “My breakthrough weekend at a Casino Regina Poker Classic in which in four tournaments I took a first, second, and third and won best overall.” Indeed, Jerry is the number one money winner in the seven year history of Casino Regina Poker Classics with slightly over $100,000 in prize money. In fact, in statistics compiled by Edmonton pro Dave Klassen, Jerry is the number one money winner in Canadian poker tournament history with a total of $112,432 in prize money (won at Casino Regina, Cash Casino Calgary, and Casino Yellowhead Edmonton).

It is easy to understand why Jerry says that tournaments generally, and no-limit hold’em tournaments specifically, are his favorite form of poker. In ring games he prefers pot-limit Omaha in which he has frequently won or lost $5,000 to $10,000 in a single evening. But as Jerry says, “Nothing beats the feeling of making the final table of a big poker tournament and playing for twenty or thirty thousand.”

If there is a poker highlight there must also be a lowlight. At the 2003 World Series of Poker Jerry was the chip leader to start the final table in consecutive super satellites. Seven times he held Big Slick and failed to convert even one of them into a winner. He was very disappointed. In one of the two super-satellites he had over thirty percent of the chips in play but Big Slick did him in.

Is poker all that Jerry does? No. He professes a love of the outdoors. In keeping with a healthy lifestyle and plenty of exercise, hiking is a favorite and relaxing pursuit. His other passion is harness racing. While most poker players will place the occasional sports or horse racing wager, Jerry has gone beyond that. Not too long ago he used to own harness racing horses. He likes challenges and owning harness racing horses was a challenge.

In fact, that is precisely what Jerry loves about poker, It is a very complex game that no one can completely master. He cannot imagine what he could replace poker with. He intend to die playing poker. For him, it is the fountain of youth. He rides his exercise bike to keep his body young. He play poker to keep his mind young.

Certainly Jerry is known for his youthful demeanor and sense of fun. He is not hard to pick out of a poker crowd with his distinctive hat and gentlemanly countenance. In Casino Regina Poker Classics his side bets with Edmonton some poker players are something of legend. They frequently have more riding on their last-longer bet than they have invested in the tournament and their mutual teasing and kibitzing adds to the fun.

It should also be noted that Jerry is known for his aggressive style. It is no fun to find your seat in a tournament and discover that you have him sitting on your immediate left. There will be two things you can be sure of: Jerry is going to put you to a lot of tough decisions; and you are going to have a lot of trouble putting him on a hand. Good luck. You will need it.

Some recent poker sessions

Well plan A of the day worked so far as I have put in over 3K hands now if I only was not down 6 buy ins things would be much better I suppose. Taking a short break to regroup. I have been playing pretty damn good for the most part but I have managed to donk off a few chips here and there unnecessarily but I have been on the taking end of some pretty nasty beats.

Just gotta play through the downswing. I had another 8 buy in downswing yesterday at 100NL but already 15 buy-ins up from the down point. At 100NL it is very important to get position on the big donks. Don’t be afraid to get up from the table and sit back down or join the wait list in order to get position. Just today I had bad position on a donkey with a huge stack and could not get anything going. I got up, managed to get a seat to his left and got his 4 buy in stack pretty quickly.

Hope the holidays are pleasant for you all. A little bad news as I just found out my little girl has the measles even after receiving the first two vaccinations for them. I believe she has been suffering from the virus now for several days and had the spots a couple of days ago but now they are going away. I suppose the vaccines kept it to a somewhat limited case but still not a nice thing to go through for a kid. Hopefully she will be fully recovered before the trip this Sunday.

Well made it through my first week of no alcohol in a very long time and it hasn’t been terribly easy as another Christmas party was today with more free wines and my supervisor took our lab out tonight for dinner and they ordered wine and the smell of it wafting through the air was very tempting but I was able to abstain so making progress I suppose.

Need to put in at least an hour or so of work tonight as I haven’t played any today and I need to make some progress on the bonus. Will probably crank open 10 tables of limit to build up some frustration before I go to sleep.

online poker college students

College students probably consist of 30-40% of the players at the low levels. The majority of them are males, 18-22 years old. Many of them are loose/aggressive and want to dominate the table. They are at a stage in life where they feel invincible and they want to win every pot. They generally feel they are the best player at the table, even though they have paid little or no attention to how their opponents play. Their stacks go up and down rapidly, and they are willing to risk their entire stack in many more situations than better players.

They will often be found in the chat box berating opponents who’ve beat them in a hand, or rubbing it in when they take down a pot. They will use words in the chat box that their mom’s don’t tend to use. Also, their screen names will often tell you. ‘UMass1’ or ‘USCbigDawg’ are likely college students. At nearly every micro/low-stakes NL table, one or two of them will make themselves obvious.

They play too many pots/losing hands. They tend to over-bet in attempts to push around their opponents. They tilt easily, cannot control their emotions. They don’t pay enough attention to how their individual opponents play. They are bad at recognizing when they are being slow-played, and will often bet into a big hand that they cannot win. They are often unbluffable.

But they can be dangerous because nobody ever believes them when they make a big hand. They are willing to bluff, and tend to win a lot of small pots. They are fearless. Occasionally you will run into a young-gun who has the skills to play higher levels, but is limited by a small bankroll. You want to spot this player as early as you can.

Many college students have delusions of becoming professional poker players. Many play to try and earn extra money. Some play for fun, and some actually do make money playing online. We’ve already seen several college students become successful poker players. They tend to be one or the other – serious young-guns, or total donkeys.

If possible, gain position on them by sitting to their left. Play only premium hands in raised pots. In unraised pots when you have position on them, play hands that have a lot of implied value that are also easy to fold post-flop such as middle suited connectors. Try not to play big pots against them, without respectively large hands. Do not bluff them, remember that they are often unbluffable.

Trap them and induce bets by showing weakness. Slow play your big hands, they’ll usually bet into you. Call them less often. Either raise when you think you have the best hand, or fold when you don’t. The idea here is that if you have the best hand, they will likely call you anyway, so don’t be afraid of scaring them off like you would against a tight player. Don’t chase them by calling big bets post flop.

They will likely fire big after the turn which you may be committed to calling. Never assume that top pair with top kicker is good. They are likely to play weaker hands, but hit 2 pair, a small set, or a hard to see straight against you. Remember, K9 looks good to them. This doesn’t mean you fold top pair all the time, but it does mean that you should try keep the pot small. Pot size is always the key in low-stakes NL games.

Getting full value for my hand

Here is a hand I played recently. I was playing $1/$2 no limit holdem and had AQ next to the button. A middle position player opened raised. He had been playing many hands and had been raising regularly. I wanted to slow-play him because he was an aggressive player, so I called. The blinds folded.

The flop was a king, a jack and a six. The opener pot bet $30 and I called, hoping I would either pair a pocket card or hit the ten. The turn was a ten and I had a Broadway straight. The opener bet $75. I raised to $200 and he folded. I was wondering if I got the full value from my hand. In other words, should I have gambled on a river card, which could have resulted in another, much larger, bet?

Many hold’em players will try to calculate the odds of the opponent improving his hand against the value of the pot. This is tough as we do not know what he has or how much he will bet at the river. Here it was hard to put my opponent on a hand as he was so loose-aggressive. Hard charging preflop raisers who play a wide range of hands do not give away much information when they make a standard raise.

On the turn I hit a longshot in getting the ten. The opponent bet $75 hoping that I did not have a straight and he was also representing a possible straight for himself. But when I raised to $200, even such an aggressive player could no longer afford to stay in the hand. One interesting fact to recognize in hindsight is that raising would have been a good play even if I did not have the straight.

Two more interesting observations. If I had raise after the flop, I could have won with the worst hand. If I had called after the turn, I could have lost with the best hand. I guess I got full value for the hand. I played it safe and strong and I sent a message to the table. I could have chosen to play for a bigger river pot. Of course, some of the future value would have been at risk with a choice to gamble.

Sportingbet settles with Department of Justice

Sports betting company Sportingbet recently reached a big settlement with the United States Department of Justice for legal troubles the sports betting company was having in the U.S.

Sportingbet made online sports betting available to American players from 1998 to 2006. In 2006 the sports betting company got themselves into legal trouble after the enactment of the UIGEA, which made the transfer of funds from a financial institution to online gambling sites like Sportingbet illegal.

The UIGEA forced most online gambling sites to stop accepting money from American players consequently meaning they could no longer allow American players to play at their sites.

For sites that continued to accept American funds transfers, legal troubles were sure to follow. Sports betting, casinos, poker, and many other forms of online gambling were affect by the UIGEA and several companies got themselves into big legal messes within America. Sportingbet’s CEO was actually arrested in 2006 and this led to Sportingbet closing their doors to Americans wanting to participate in online sports betting.

After the settlement Sportingbet has finally cleared their name in the United States following suit after Party Gaming had a similar but larger settlement the year prior which helped clear their name in the U.S.

Sportingbet paid out only $33 million in fines to help settle their troubles and clear their name for the sports betting they provided to Americans after the UIGEA. Many Americans fond of past times like poker and sports betting are eagerly waiting for the day a change is made to the UIGEA bill which allows Americans to once again transfer funds to their favorite online gambling.

It is possible that settlements like the one from the sports betting company, which helps clear their name, could mean hope for a change to the UIGEA in the not too distant future.

Chatting in online poker

It is fun to chat while playing online poker, is it not? But chat is not the same depending at what time of the day you are playing. And you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

In the morning hours, you’ll tend to find less chat. People are more business-minded. Not in the sense of being pro poker players, rather as in the sense of being distracted by their day-to-day business. These are the people who are playing at work or instead of going to classes, etc. They may have a lot of other stuff going on, so you might be able to bluff a little more and bet people out of pots. Try it.

In the evening, online poker player is crazy. People don’t want to fold their holdings. You’ll face some serious bad beats and unfair defeats. If you’re easily frustrated or distracted, steer clear of the poker rooms in the evening. Oh yeah – the chat also picks up as someone might just try to use the poker room to pick women up.

Late at night, chat relates more to the game. This seems to be when the true players come out to play. If you want a challenge with players who usually know what they’re doing, this might be your best time of day to play, if you can stay up that late. Of course, if you’re a legend in your own mind, you could get eaten alive by the sharks.

Yes, these are general statements. Every poker room and every table within each poker room has a different feel to it, a different personality if you will. It’s up to you to find the games and places that benefit you the best no matter what time of day you play.

But chat is certainly one tool in your arsenal that you can use to win pots and make better profits playing online poker. Or if you like to socialize, it is fun too to chat on the Web while playing Texas Hold’em.